Time Travel Crew

Welcome to the Silver The hedgehog's Adventures WikiEdit

This Show is about a hedgehog name Silver along with with his friends Blaze,Emerl,Shahra,Shade,the Bakugan,Blurr,Zoroark,Kovu and Kiara,Metabee,Mei Ling,Deadly Nadder(Mei Ling's pet dragon),Shahra's cusion Eden and Nico and Pedro together went on a Adventures,battle old and new foe and making new friends this show come out on the future 2013. the team name is Time Travel Crews

On Silver's world in the furture he hang with his best friends Blaze,Emerl,Shade and Shahra along with their bakugan Dragoniod,Wavern,Linehalt,Coredem and Tigrerra Hanging out but then a time warp appears and Mephiles,Time Eater and Erazor Dijnn along with thier bakugan Dharak,Razenoid and Betadron sending Silver and his friends to the different time line where they never come back

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Sliver The Hedgehog Edit

  • Psychokinesis
  • Psychic Knife
  • Meteor Smash
  • Super Silver
  • Chaos Control
  • Bakugan-Pyrus Neo Dragonid Nickname Draco

Blaze The CatEdit

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Fire Claw
  • Fire Boost
  • Burst Dash
  • Spinning Claw
  • Chaos Control
  • Burning Blaze
  • Bakugan-Haos Blade Tigrerra

Shade the EchidnaEdit

  • Cloak
  • Balde Drop
  • Blade Rush
  • Echidna Rush
  • Bakugan-Darkus Linehalt

Emerl The RobotEdit

  • Copy Abilities from other beings and machines
  • Get Stronger and Smarter with Each Chaos Emerald He Gains
  • Equipped with a Jetpack
  • Bakugan-Subterra Coredem

Shahra the Ring GenieEdit

  • Magic
  • Granting wishes
  • Bakugan-Haos Wavern

Eden the GenieEdit

  • Magic
  • Granting wishes
  • Bakugan-Ventus Ingram

Blurr the AutobotsEdit

  • Tranform to a Futuristic Race Car
  • Mach Speed
  • Bakugan-Aquos Akwimos

Zoroark The Illusion PokemonEdit

  • Night Daze
  • Dark Pulse
  • Night Slash
  • IIIusion
  • Bakugan-Darkus Alpha Hydraniod

Metabee The MedabotsEdit

  • Missile
  • Revolver
  • Submachinegun
  • MedaForce
  • Bakugan-Subterra Boulderon

Mei Ling

  • kung fu skill
  • bakugan-Haos Aranaut
  • Pet Dragon Deadly Nadder Nickname Ruby

Latest activityEdit

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